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Arizona Cardinals pass on Kyler Murray in quarterback only re-draft

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation took all quarterbacks in the NFL and had a draft.

Using the 2020 NFL Draft order, with the ideas of the rest of the team being constructed as is with the current cap situations needed to be taken into consideration, how would they come off the board?

The Arizona Cardinals pick eighth and is typical in these exercises, we go with the newest, hottest thing:

“8. Arizona Cardinals: Joe Burrow (23 years old)

This seemed like a good spot for Tom BradyLarry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins! — until I remembered what an immobile veteran with a wavering deep ball would look like in Kliff Kingsbury’s system. I hated that idea and opted for a college quarterback who threw 60 touchdown passes last season, averaged more than 14 yards per completion, and who would absolutely lose his mind in Kingsbury’s adapted air raid.”

I can promise you that unless Patrick Mahomes is available, Kliff Kingsbury would want Kyler Murray.

Burrow isn’t a bad quarterback by any means, but Murray is Kliff’s prototype. I honestly don’t know any quarterback not named Mahomes that Kingsbury would prefer over Murray.

For those interested, Murray goes 12th to the Las Vegas Raiders.

The top seven:

  1. Patrick Mahomes - Bengals
  2. Lamar Jackson - Skins
  3. Russell Wilson - Lions
  4. Deshaun Watson - Giants
  5. Aaron Rodgers - Dolphins
  6. Dak Prescott - Chargers
  7. Drew Brees - Panthers

In this scenario, where you are weighing where teams are right now, I’d actually venture a guess that Matt Rhule would prefer Burrow or Murray for the long-term over Drew Brees, as the Panthers are going to be in a transition.

I can’t argue much with the top five, and Prescott could be enough to get the Chargers to compete, but maybe that’s where you slide Brees.

How would you think the quarterbacks would fall?