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What if the Steve Keim took the best player available in the first round of each draft?

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Since Steve Keim took over in 2013 the Arizona Cardinals have done fairly bad in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Keim had the following first round picks since he took over:

2013 - 7th

2014 - 20th traded to 27th

2015 - 24th

2016 - 29th

2017 - 13th

2018 - 15th traded to 10th

2019 - 1st

What if Steve Keim didn’t have to pick, but instead the Arizona Cardinals were given the best available player from a Pro Football References Approximate Value?

To understand how Approximate Value is found, check out Pro Football References explanation.

How different would the Cardinals look now and how would the team be constructed?

Here are who the players would be from each draft.

2013 - Travis Frederick, C - Wisconsin

2014 - 20th: Kyler Fuller, CB - Virginia Tech - 27th pick: Joel Bitonio, OT - Nevada

2015 - Ali Marpet, OG - Hobart

2016 - Javon Hargrave, DT - South Carolina St.

2017 - JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR - USC

2018 - 10th: Josh Allen, QB - Wyoming - 15th: Fred Warner, LB - BYU

2019 - Kyler Murray, QB - Oklahoma

If you keep the picks the Arizona Cardinals actually had, so no trade down in 2014 and no trade up on 2018, that’s some talent.

Frederick, Fuller, Marpet, Hargrave, Smith-Schuster, Warner, and Murray.

That’s incredible talent at every level.

Obviously you probably don’t pick first overall in 2019, but if you used those picks, the team is pretty damn loaded.

Obviously, hindsight is 20/20, but man it’s interesting to look back.

Finally, this is where the Cardinals players end up based on Approximate Value:

2013 - 87th

2014 - 51st

2015 - 56th

2016 - I’m not counting that high but 132nd

2017 - 66th

2018 - 131st

2019 - 1st

So, before Kyler Murray, based on CarAv, Deone Bucannon has been Steve Keim’s best pick in the first round.