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Arizona Cardinals improve on offense and in win column, but continue to struggle on defense in Mike Clay’s 2020 projections

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NFL: DEC 29 Cardinals at Rams Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last year, Mike Clay projected a four win turnaround for the Arizona Cardinals.

He was off by 1.5 wins, as the team finished 5-10-1, but he nearly nailed their drat slot, having them pick ninth.

Of course, Clay also had them finishing ahead of the San Francisco 49ers and had the Kansas City Chiefs finishing 10-6 and behind the putrid LA Chargers, so his projections weren’t great.

So, what does Clay project in 2020?

He has the Cardinals in a battle with the LA Rams as the last place team in the NFC West.

He has the Cardinals picking 11th, and finishing about 7-9.

He has a +29 on offense, 24.4ppg and a -38 in defensive points allowed, or 25.5ppg.

It is not the worst projections, but it seems like a small improvement on offense and defense for all the investments made on each side would be disappointing.

Maybe a 7-9 or 8-8 record makes sense, but only +29 on offense would be 12th on offense in points in the NFL, while the defense would be 23rd in points per game seems less than optimal.

What do you think?