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Patrick Peterson makes Pro Football Focus All Decade list

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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As Pro Football Focus continues their trek through the best 101 players of the 2010’s, the Arizona Cardinals are now represented on the list by two players.

After Chandler Jones was ranked as the 80th best player of the 2010’s, Patrick Peterson was on the next group on the list.

From PFF:


As a rarely gifted corner, Patrick Peterson was regularly given assignments that were much tougher than the ones most corners were given, which had the knock-on effect of dragging down his PFF grade compared to some players. Granted, there was also some ugly play in there, but for the entire decade, Peterson allowed just 55% of passes thrown his way to be caught, and he would regularly track receivers all over the field, including into the slot. In 2015, he had the best mark in the NFL in terms of yards surrendered per snap in coverage (0.58) and led the league in coverage snaps per reception allowed (19.5).

Peterson has been an All Pro three times and a Pro Bowl player his first eight seasons in his career.

He never has been the top corner per PFF, that just how they grade, but he is the only player who is consistently graded in the top ten from PFF throughout his career, sans last year.

So, maybe his PFF high’s aren’t as high as some, but should consistency not count?

One former Arizona Cardinals player was on the list as well in Tyrann Mathieu, who came in at the 66th best player.