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Two more weeks of ‘Zoom” for the NFL

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2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals could start practicing on Friday due to the Governor’s newest ruling, but the NFL has intervened on the behalf of those states that are still struggling.

The NFL has extended the virtual only ruling through May 29th.

What does that mean? That means business as usual moving forward for what the teams have been doing the last month.

Now, hopefully we will see that change coming in the next couple of weeks, opening things up to get back on the field.

If that happens, here is what we know:

In the event Club facilities reopen at some point in June, under protocols established by the League in consultation with our medical advisors, the remaining on-field portion of the program will be determined in consultation with the Joint Committee and will be promulgated to Clubs at the earliest possible date.

The laguage is specifically speaking to the idea of the end of offseason workouts by June 26th, the normal time we would see offseason workouts end. If the league needs to amend this, then they will as it comes time.