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Arizona Cardinals biggest roster hole? Football Outsiders may surprise you with their answer

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Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have been very busy this offseason.

That means a lot of changes, but what would you say their biggest roster hole is heading into 2020?

ESPN Insider brought in Football Outsiders to discuss each teams biggest roster hole.

What did they think for the Arizona Cardinals? You may be surprised:

“Arizona Cardinals: Cornerback"

"Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph has made it clear that Isaiah Simmons, Arizona’s first-round draft pick, will be a linebacker in the NFL ... while making it equally clear that he’s open to using Simmons in the secondary in certain matchups. That can only help a team that gave up a league-worst 73.5 yards per game to tight ends last season, but will it be enough to turn around an Arizona defense that ranked 27th in our pass efficiency rankings? Only six of the 88 qualifying cornerbacks in Sports Info Solutions’ charting numbers had a worse success rate in coverage than Byron Murphy, and third corner Robert Alford turns 32 during the season and missed all of 2019 because of a broken leg. There’s no reason to worry about Patrick Peterson in 2020, but he is set to hit free agency in 2021.”

To say the defensive secondary was bad in 2019 is an understatement, but that overlooks a number of things.

  1. Patrick Peterson was suspended for six weeks and unmotivated for a number of others.
  2. Robert Alford did not play a down.
  3. Byron Murphy had to be used as a boundary corner when the team took him with the idea of being a slot cornerback.

Now, were they bad? Yes. Does it mean it’s the biggest hole on the roster?

I won’t go that far.

What do you think?