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NFC West loaded with talent and fans loaded with confidence heading into 2020

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NFL: NFC Championship-Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC West has been a consistent presence on Super Bowl Sunday the last decade.

Coming into 2020 the division is looked at by most as the best division in football and the fans of each team know it.

That's why, when SB Nation Reacts polled every fansbase to check their expectations for 2020, it's not surprise to see each team has not only aspirations for a strong 2020 season, but expectations.

77% of Arizona Cardinals fans expect 9 or more wins in 2020.

88% of Los Angeles Rams fans expect 9 or more wins in 2020.

99% of San Francisco 49ers fans expect 11 or more wins. More than 11 wins as an expectation is extremely high.

And Seattle Seahawks fans finish everything off with 99% of fans expecting at least 9 wins (Which is fair when you consider they've never had less than 9 wins with Russell Wilson).

The NFC West as a whole has sky-high expectations, the question becomes which teams fails to live up to theirs?