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Arizona Cardinals move up in CBS Sports NFL Power Rankings

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals offseason has produced a number of positive feelings towards the team.

The Cardinals all of a sudden have shown to be a team that some are really behind.

The combination of a young, exciting offense and an offseason spent trying to fix a bad, bad defense made pundits excited about the direction.

The cherry on top was really the first move they made this offseason though, in trading for DeAndre Hopkins.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports talked about that in his recent 2020 NFL Power Rankings that had the Cardinals as the biggest movers up the rankings.

From Prisco:

12. Arizona Cardianls

This is a team that had an outstanding offseason, landing receiver DeAndre Hopkins and fixing the defense. They will be much improved.

Prisco moved the Cardinals up five spots into a top 12 team in the NFL.

While it has been a great offseason on paper, we have seen great offseason before though. None of it matters if the team does not perform on the field and that is where the team will be judged.

However, it is nice to see the Cardinals getting positive gains after what looks like a very good offseason.