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2016 and 2017 NFL Drafts set back Arizona Cardinals

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Without a doubt the most important aspect of keeping an NFL team within contention is the NFL Draft.

Obviously with individual players you can compete and if you have a great quarterback, you can miss on some draft picks (see the Seahawks and Packers), however you can never truly compete if you miss continually on draft picks.

As the 2017 NFL Re-Draft continues to unfold on SB Nation, it becomes obvious that the Cardinals missed in that draft.

It is year four for the picks and only Budda Baker looks prime to be someone worth a pick.

Only Haason Reddick remains with Baker on the roster and that means of 13 draft picks between 2016 and 2017 there are two players that remain on the roster.

Baker is the only true contributor from those two drafts and that is something that will be a detriment to any organization.

It is incredible to look back from two drafts when the Cardinals were still competing and see that they have one player (a safety at that) who has any value in the league and that shows why the team went from competing to picking first in a span of two seasons.

This is not a shot at Steve Keim or an indictment of his work as GM, it is more an amazing reminder to look back and see just how bad things were for two consecutive drafts for the Cardinals that they face planted to where they are now.

Will they even have anything to show for 2013-2017 outside of D.J. Humphries in 2021? That is the real question.