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No bigger game in 2020 than Monday Night Football with the Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

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NFL: SEP 22 Ravens at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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With SB Nation Reacts asking the hard hitting questions, we have your answers.

In what is almost a majority of all SB Nation Reacts voters the biggest game in 2020 according to the fans is the week three Monday Night Football showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

It is crazy that 49% of fans can agree on anything in the NFL and to see 49% of fans agree on a single game being the biggest is even more impressive.

It was the game fans wanted to see in the 2020 AFC Championship Game.

It is the matchup with the past two MVP winners and it is the game that gives us the two favorites in the AFC to represent the conference in Super Bowl LV.

There are some other really good games on the schedule:

Chiefs at Buccaneers November 29, 2020
Chiefs at Saints December 20, 2020
Bucs at Saints September 13, 2020

And of course the best game on the Cardinals schedule right now is their Monday Night matchup against the Cowboys (since that is one we rarely see anymore).

However, going into the season as an unbiased football observer, week three with the Chiefs and Ravens facing off is one that no one wants to miss.