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Arizona Cardinals will have big decisions on Budda Baker and Patrick Peterson coming up

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Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

This season is a big one for the Arizona Cardinals, as they have a host of decisions that they’ll face after it.

The Cardinals go into 2020 with reasonable expectations, but the question of what they do after this season will always be in the back of everyone’s mind.

2021 takes two major players and puts them in the free agent market, as both Patrick Peterson and Budda Baker will be free agents.

It’s interesting that both come upon free agency at the same time, begging the question of who can they afford to bring back?

While it is entirely possible and should be manageable to bring both back, you have to wonder if the team will want to spend $25-30 million to bring back an aging Patrick Peterson and a dynamic player, but a safety in Budda Baker.

In fact, Baker didn’t even make Pro Football Focus’ initial Top 25 Free Agents for 2021.

Yet, he’s the younger and recently more dependable player.

However, the Cardinals have made it known they plan on having Peterson retire as a Cardinal.

That’s why this year will be so interesting to watch this season. Will the Cardinals be able to get one or more done this season? Who will be the priority? Finally, who would you want to see made the priority?