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Eno Benjamin is One of Lance Zierlein’s ‘Three Favorite Picks by Round’

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NFL: FEB 26 Scouting Combine Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals had a good draft on paper.

No matter where you look the Cardinals were able to get highly regarded players at their original draft positions without reaching or making crazy moves.

Lance Zierlein of wrote about his three favorite picks from each round of the draft and while the Cardinals had one of those picks, you may be surprised at who it was:

Eno Benjamin, RB, Arizona State

Drafted: No. 222 overall, Arizona Cardinals

This year’s draft saw the fewest number of running backs selected (16) since 2010, and my guess is Benjamin fell to the last round simply due to supply and demand at the position. What we do know is that Arizona is a getting a durable, elusive, three-down backup with a feel for operating in shotgun-based rushing attack. Benjamin feels like a lock to make this roster.

Benjamin was a victim of circumstances in this draft.

As Zierlein points out above, there was a lack of capital spent on the position in the draft this year and when you are a running back on day three now, you need a trump card. Benjamin lacks that one trait to get him picked over maybe less overall talented backs, but now he’s in a system that should fit his style and allow him to become at least a dependable back up.

Benjamin may have lucked out in his final location more than some earlier day three backs.

That’s why Zierlein likes the pick so much.