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Arizona Cardinals will not play in Mexico City in 2020

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Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are getting a true home game back this year.

Adam Schefter of ESPN had the reporting first that it is likely that all international games will be canceled in 2020 due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The NFL confirmed:

The NFL is still planning on starting their season on time and going forward with the scheduled season and Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.

That means the one big change will be no outside the country NFL games.

It will be interesting when the schedule is released if that is the plan and if the Cardinals do not have to go to Mexico City in 2020, if they will have to go in the coming years.

Part of the agreement with hosting Super Bowl’s is that you will in turn give up one regular season home game to play an international game.

If the Cardinals is canceled due to circumstances out of their control, how will it be handled with the NFL?

Will the Cardinals still be on the hook for one home game outside of Arizona?