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April Fanposts of the Month

It seems draft season is one of the most inspirational for our contributors in the Fanposts, once again I had a tough time narrowing it down to just a couple winners.

Let’s hear it for our first place winer, yumacardinals1 with their fanpost “The Steve Keim Draft Challenge”, it’ll be fun to compare everyone’s shadow drafting down the road.

In second place, epett called for a sentiment that I know many of you (including myself) share. A call for new uniforms in Arizona. (Yuma, email me so we can get your prize to you. Epett, keep an eye out for an email.)

For the month of way, what better way to get some workouts in from home with a Dick’s gift card? As usual, first place nets a $75 gift card and second gets $25. How do you get in on this? (Prizes may vary for international members.)

  • Submit one or more fanposts during the month of May. (Yes, this includes prior to this article from the first of the month.)
  • Keep it PG!
  • And follow the Community Guidelines.

If you’ve got any questions, check out the Fanpost Guide or hit me up at or on twitter @robert_ban!

Keep it safe everyone!