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Should he stay or should he go? Arizona Cardinals have interesting decision with Haason Reddick

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Arizona Cardinals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Will Vragovic/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have not been able to deal Haason Reddick, or they have not pursued that option.

It’s interesting because there are already team sites that are looking at Reddick as a cheap option to bring in because it seems obvious the Arizona Cardinals will not be keeping Reddick long-term.

The question becomes would you be willing to deal Reddick to get a couple million in cap space?

Or, would it be more prudent to give him an entire season at a position, the strong outside linebacker for the Cardinals.

Reddick was an excellent athlete coming out of Temple but was an undersized edge rusher who the Cardinals decided could make the transition to inside linebacker in the NFL.

The problem with that is that inside backer or off ball linebacker in the NFL is not a great time to learn to play a position.

Now, when Reddick had his most statistical success was playing the off ball linebacker position in Steve Wilks defense, making he and Robert Nkemdiche the only two players that benefitted from the Wilks debacle.

However, would getting anything for Reddick be better than giving him one additional season?

That’s the question to ask now, what are your thoughts and what would it take (realistically) to move Reddick?