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NFL schedule release; Arizona Cardinals leaks and rumors

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New York Jets v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

With the Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL releasing the 2020 schedule today, we’ll keep an eye out for all the rumors of what the schedule is as it comes together.

One thing that usually happens with these things is since the Cardinals are not overly popular nationally, we find out their schedule as other teams are built.

So, we need to familiarize ourselves with their 2020 opponents, which we know going in.



Let’s see how it comes together.

Week 1 v San Francisco 49ers per Niners Nation

Week 2 @ New England Patriots

Week 3 v Detroit Lions

Week 9 @ San Francisco 49ers

Week 10 bye week

Week 12 Miami Dolphins

Week 13

Week 17 v Los Angeles Rams