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Arizona Cardinals continuity is not as good as you would think

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

One of the keys to the offseason for every NFL team was continuity.

We looked at what the Arizona Cardinals did and saw that focus, while they knew that they needed to upgrade certain aspects of their team.

That’s why when ESPN looked at the continuity of each team it was surprising to see how low the Arizona Cardinals fell.

“T-18. Arizona Cardinals: 73.4%”

“Offensive snaps returning: 76.6% (19th)

Defensive snaps returning: 70.3% (18th)

Starters returning: 16 (9 offense, 7 defense, 3 special teams)”

“Non-coordinator assistants returning: 15 of 19

Coordinators returning: 3 of 3 (Jeff Rodgers, ST; Vance Joseph, DC; Tom Clements, pass game)

Starting QB: Kyler Murray, 2nd year

Head coach: Kliff Kingsbury, 2nd year (5-10-1)”

The Cardinals wanted to return as much as possible, but the defense needed such an overhaul that it wasn’t viable.

That’s why you see their overall ranking in the bottom half, while it doesn’t seem like they made a ton of changes.

While the changes were not drastic like 2018 to 2019, they were necessary.

We’ll see how that pays off in 2020.