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Arizona Cardinals Madden Ultimate Team

Super Bowl XLIII Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

It is video game week here at SB Nation. With the release of the Madden 21 trailer and a bit of down time in the NFL, we are having some fun and that means different projects throughout the week.

Today, I went through the player ratings available for all of the Madden games to create the Madden Ultimate Team for the Arizona Cardinals.

First, I could only find ratings going back to 2001, so that is when this starts.

Second, each player can only be involved once, so we can’t have three Larry Fitzgerald’s from three different games on the roster.

Finally, it is from the initial rosters only, so trades and players getting better/worse as the season goes along is not factored in, just their initial ratings.

We’ll take the highest rated players and the season they got their rating to create the best possible Madden team for the Arizona Cardinals.

Here is what it looked like.

QB - Kurt Warner (Madden 10) 94 overall
RB - Edgerrin James (Madden 07) 96 overall
WR - Larry Fitzgerald (Madden 10) 99 overall
WR - Anquan Boldin (Madden 09) 95 overall
WR - David Boston (Madden 03) 91 overall
LT - Jared Veldheer (Madden 16) 90 overall
LG - Mike Iupati (Madden 16) 88 overall
C - Lyle Sendlein (Madden 15) 81 overall
RG - Leonard Davis (Madden 04) 95 overall
RT - Levi Brown (Madden 09) 85 overall
TE - Jermaine Gresham (Madden 17) 84 overall

Not a bad offense and I was surprised to find the offensive line had that much 80+ talent.

Let’s take a look at the defense and we’ll stay in a formation that gets the best talent on the field together.

LE - Calais Campbell (Madden 15) 96 overall
DT - Darnell Dockett (Madden 10) 94 overall
RE - Bertrand Berry (Madden 06) 93 overall
OLB - Chandler Jones (Madden 19) 89 overall
MLB - Daryl Washington (Madden 25) 90 overall
MLB - Karlos Dansby (Madden 07) 90 overall
OLB - Chike Okeafor (Madden 08) 88 overall
CB - Patrick Peterson (Madden 15) 93 overall
SS - Adrian Wilson (Madden 10) 97 overall
FS - Tyrann Mathieu (Madden 17) 96 overall
CB - Antonio Cromartie (Madden 15) 87 overall

This feels like a good defense. You may be able to swap out Okeafor and Berry as outside backers, but you have a little or a lot of talent all over the play.

For those that care about special teams:

K - Neil Rackers (Madden 07) 97 overall
P - Scott Player (Madden 02) 94 overall

What do you think of the Arizona Cardinals Madden Ultimate Team?