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Arizona Cardinals not among Jamal Adams preferred destination in potential trade

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For the Arizona Cardinals they are getting closer to being a team that can compete.

They are probably closer to competing for a wild card spot than that of a division winner, especially when you factor in the division they play in, but they are building the right way.

That has not gone unnoticed by players either.

A franchise that is one of the worst in North American sports history, the Cardinals seem to be turning over a new leaf, even if the wins the last four years haven’t come.

However, they are still a bit removed from being a destination point.

On Friday it was reported that All Pro safety Jamal Adams had made a formal trade request to the New York Jets and had a list of seven teams he would like to be a part of.

The hill the Cardinals have to climb is twofold.

First they obviously want to be a team on list like these. It typically shows how players feel overall about an organization (although the inclusion of the Houston Texans makes you pause) and that a player wants to be part of that culture.

Second and maybe more important to the Cardinals though is that they need to be forcing their way into the conversation within their own division.

On Adams list were two teams from the NFC West, the reigning NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers and the team that is basically the blueprint on how to build for a decade in the Seattle Seahawks.

That’s the mountain the Cardinals still have to climb to get to where they want to be. To be respected because of their long-term (the last decade), sustained success like the Seahawks, or be on the precipice of greatness like the 49ers (it doesn’t hurt that San Francisco has a history that only few can match either).

The Cardinals are on the right path, and while a Jamal Adams type of player is always welcomed from a talent standpoint, they are not an Adams away from being contenders.

However, the sooner they become a franchise that the Adams of the world want to be a part of, the better it will be for us as fans.