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NFLPA statement may put Kyler Murray's workouts in jeopardy

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Even with the best intentions, Kyler Murray may not be able to get the skill players together in Texas.

Last week Kenyan Drake talked about the fact that Murray had put together a little offseason workout for the skill players and that Murray would be picking up the tab.

That meant travel, lodging, practice facilities and meals all covered by the young Cardinals quarterback.

However, with a rise in positive Covid-19 cases in a number of states, including Texas it may not come to fruition.

The NFLPA released a statement from Medical Director Thom Mayer on Sunday.

Even though Murray’s workouts would follow the guidelines that are in place and would be done as safely as possible, with it being a non-sanctioned NFL event it may be too much risk.

We’ll see what happens and if Murray and some still go through with it, but it would not be surprising to see no workouts this summer until training camp at this point.

The real question is, can the NFL find a path to football in September or is that going to be the next domino to fall?