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Kyler Murray a top 12 quarterback in the NFL according to Pro Football Talk

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals feel like they have a good one in Kyler Murray.

NFL analysts seem to agree and recently Chris Simms of Pro Football Talk has put Murray as one of the 12 best quarterbacks in the NFL and had high praise as to why:

Murray deserves a ton of credit, and he’ll be getting more of it as more people see what he can do. And he can do it all, from throwing to running to making off-schedule throws to ultimately winning games and chasing playoff spots.

Murray already is the second best quarterback in the division under the Simms analysis, with only Russell Wilson ahead of Murray. Before long, Murray could maybe challenge Wilson for supremacy in the NFC West.

The Cardinals getting Murray to the level of Wilson will likely get them to a similar spot in terms of contendership year in and year out. That is what a great QB does and putting Murray up to that level already says quite a bit about the player.

We shall see how long it takes to get there.