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Arizona Cardinals have the 24th best roster in NFL according to Pro Football Focus

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

There is a nice turnaround from two seasons ago for the Arizona Cardinals with regards to talent on the roster.

However, when you look at the names on paper you see why Pro Football Focus has the Arizona Cardinals roster ranked as the 24th best in the NFL.

From ESPN Insider:

24. Arizona Cardinals

Biggest strength: It’s hard to overstate how huge the addition of DeAndre Hopkins is to this offseason. With Larry Fitzgerald living primarily as a possession and slot receiver at this stage of his career, quarterback Kyler Murray needed a true primary threat in the passing game — and Hopkins is one of the best in the business.

Biggest weakness: The pass-rushing options on this team outside of Chandler Jones leave a lot to be desired.

X factor for 2020: What position does rookie first-round pick Isaiah Simmons play?

All of those questions are fair and I’d add to to their strengths the ability of their running game and the weaknesses the questions about their secondary.

However, 24th seems extremely low when you consider some of the teams in front of them like the Texans and Lions.

That’s why these are interesting things to look at, they give us an idea of where others see the Cardinals and then we’ll be able to go back and judge how right or wrong they were.