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Kyler Murray becoming something special in his own way for Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

What Kyler Murray will become is still yet to be seen.

Who Kyler Murray is now is something that everyone who is a fan of the Arizona Cardinals should be excited about.

While the pandemic continues, while we deal with a number of other issues, you are seeing a leader emerge.

One thing that was a question about Murray coming out to some was his ability to command and lead a team. He was only a one year starter at Oklahoma and he transferred out of Texas A&M (although so did everyone else under Kevin Sumlin).

A lot of that comes from the fact that Murray is quiet and soft spoken.

He’s not a vocal leader type and quite frankly that is okay.

He’s always been a lead by example type and to me, when you have the background that Murray has of winning, that matters more than anything else.

As a player becomes comfortable in their own skin you’ll see growth as a vocal leader, it’ll be something as a player comes older and wiser they become comfortable telling others what needs to happen. They are the expert and have knowledge that so many others lack.

However, early in his career Murray has done a lot of leading by example.

He’s a tireless worker, putting in time to get better at his craft.

He’s a leader by not throwing others under the bus. He never makes excuses, he never says the receiver ran the wrong route, that the tight end drop the pass, that the running back made the wrong read.

Instead you hear him talking about getting better, about making better decisions, about getting the ball out quicker in some instances and being more patient in others. He’s taking the brunt of the blame for an offense that improved hugely from 2018 to 2019.

He’s developed a relationship with players that makes his teammates want to work as hard as he does, which as a leader is the most important thing you can do.

He has the undying trust and admiration of his coach, which goes a long way in creating a team with a singular vision and focus.

What Kyler Murray may become is limitless.

What Kyler Murray is as a player coming into his second season is more than anyone could have expected, even his most ardent supporters.