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When will we see each of the pro sports get back?

MLB: MAR 03 Spring Training - Cubs at Rockies Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL looks like they are planning on a normal season in terms of schedule.

They still plan on kicking things off the beginning of September and continuing through.

The question is, will they be the first sport back?

Last night we looked at the odds for each sport coming back:

Odds to be the first North American sport to play a regular-season or playoff game

1. MLB: 1/1

2. NHL: 7/2

3. NBA: 9/2

4. MLS: 19/1

5. CFB: 32/1

6. NFL: 100/1

Now today’s question is when does it happen?

The folks at Sports Betting Dime have given the over under for each sport.

Over/Under date for each pro sport to play its first regular-season or playoff game

1. MLB: July 15

2. NHL: July 31

3. NBA: Aug. 2

4. MLS: Aug. 30

5. NFL: Sep. 10

The NFL one seems like a lock, but for the others, it seems like there are little to no plans in place (outside of MLS because I honestly have no idea).

Do you see these sports getting back under way before or after each date?