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Kyler Murray is the 13th quarterback off the board in ESPN's complete NFL Re-Draft

9th Annual NFL Honors - Arrivals Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

If every player in the NFL was eligible for a re-draft, where would a player like Kyler Murray get drafted.

ESPN undertook this massive project and it was interesting to see which quarterbacks went in front of Murray.

To no shock of anyone quarterbacks were all the rage, with the draft order coming from 2020, the QBs off the board went like this:

1.1 Patrick Mahomes

1.2 Russell Wilson

1.3 Lamar Jackson

1.4 Deshaun Watson

1.8 Drew Brees (Josh Weinfuss picked Brees over Murray as we discussed earlier)

1.9 Dak Prescott

1.11 Carson Wentz

1.12 Aaron Rodgers

1.13 Joe Burrow

1.14 Tom Brady

1.15 Drew Lock

1.16 Matt Ryan

1.17 Kyler Murray

Brees, Burrow, Brady, Lock are all tough to sale me on.

Brees and Brady are undoubtedly better coming out of 2019, but how much better and for how much longer?

Burrow over Murray just seems reactionary to a college season over a very good rookie NFL season and Lock didn’t outperform Murray.

So, for me the only quarterbacks (if that is the route you want to go) I’d definitely take over Murray right now are: Mahomes, Wilson, Jackson, Watson, Prescott, Rodgers and Ryan.

I’d be hard pressed to take Wentz with his durability issues thus far behind a very, very good offensive line in Philadelphia.

Looking at only the quarterbacks, it feels like the Dallas Cowboys in this re-draft make out like bandits.