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NFL to implement postgame interaction restrictions for 2020 Covid crisis

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Covid-19 is a real issue, I don’t think anyone really disagrees with that (I don’t want the conversation in the comments).

Safety and precautions make sense if the NFL wants to get back on the field in 2020.

However, some of the leaked info coming out thus far makes little to no sense at all.

I get taking precautions, I really do.

This doesn’t make any sense.

How will players who just played in a game against their opponents getting together after the game make a difference? What changes outside of maybe injured players?

If you play at all and have contact and then go on the sidelines, what’s the difference?

How is excluding contact after the game changing anything for Kyler Murray and Nick Bosa?

Chandler Jones can’t give Trent Williams a handshake after playing against him for 30 minutes?

DeAndre Hopkins won’t get to dap up Jalen Ramsey after the two meet for the first time in the NFC West?

I get minimizing exposure, but this just seems like fluff.

What do you think?