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Arizona Cardinals 2020 cap hits: Patrick Peterson needs to show he can still be great

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

When you look at the 2020 Arizona Cardinals you’ll see something we haven’t seen in a while.

Contracts that make sense.

There’s no Terrell Suggs, no Sam Bradford, no Michael Crabtree (at least at this point).

Yet, the contracts are not all good.

We’ve looked at Haason Reddick on his rookie deal and also Kenyan Drake on the transition tag.

Both are actually not awful contracts, but they do rank highly on the Cardinals and Drake’s is among the highest in the NFL at the running back position.

As an aside, only players on the roster count, so no dead money contracts and we are looking at their 2020 cap hits as given to us by Spotrac.

3. Patrick Peterson - 2020 Cap Hit: $13,184,588

Peterson has the second highest cap hit on the Arizona Cardinals, behind only All Pro Chandler Jones.

That’s why he earns the spot as the third worst cap hit heading into 2020.

It’s not the Peterson’s past performances didn’t earn him this contract, it’s that his current performance has not held him up to the standard of his contract.

Peterson’s cap hit for 2020 is the ninth highest among corners in the NFL.

Yet, you’d be hard pressed to find him among the top 10 corners in the NFL in the league based off 2019.

That’s why 2020 is such a pivotal season for Peterson and the Cardinals.

The team cannot justify paying the talented yet nearly 30 year old corner as a top 5-7 player at his position when he has not played that way.

Peterson can quickly rid himself and the team of those concerns if he comes out and plays well in 2020, but he has to show he still has it over 17 weeks if he wants to cash in one more time.