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Colts, Bears, Vikings have best odds on where Dak Prescott lands in 2021

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

No Dak Prescott in Dallas after 2020?

That is what it looks like to many, including the betting experts. Odds on where Dak Prescott plays in 2021 are actually quite interesting.

Check them out courtesy of BetOnline (, Twitter: @betonline_ag).

Dak Prescott team in Week 1 of 2021 regular season

Indianapolis Colts 6/1

Chicago Bears 7/1

Minnesota Vikings 8/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 9/1

Los Angeles Chargers 9/1

New Orleans Saints 9/1

Las Vegas Raiders 10/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 10/1

Washington 10/1

Carolina Panthers 12/1

New England Patriots 12/1

Detroit Lions 14/1

Tennessee Titans 14/1

Miami Dolphins 16/1

Buffalo Bills 18/1

Cincinnati Bengals 20/1

New York Jets 20/1

Houston Texans 25/1

The Colts make sense, but the Bears, Vikings and Jaguars being next is a bit interesting. The Saints and Panthers actually make a bit of sense after this season, while the Patriots being that low, I know they signed Cam Newton, was interesting.

The Colts look like a prime spot, but I think a dark horse could be the Jets if Sam Darnold doesn’t make the jump in 2020 (year three).

Where do you see Dak in 2021?