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Could all four teams from the NFC West make the playoffs?

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The best division in football could also make history.

CBS Sports broke down each division in the NFL and ranked them from one to eight and the best division was the NFC West.

This is not a surprise, with the last two NFC Super Bowl representatives in the division and long-time NFC power house Seattle in the mix, it is up to the Cardinals to match the rest of the division.

CBS Sports thinks they may have done so this offseason:

The worst team in the division last season was the Arizona Cardinals, and they arguably had the best offseason of any team in the NFL. Not only did they trick to the Texans into taking David Johnson’s contract in a trade — at least I think they tricked them, because that’s only explanation that makes sense — but they also convinced Houston to send DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona.

The question that CBS posits that is interesting to think about is, with the expansion to a seven teams in each conference making the playoffs, could the NFC West find all four teams playing in the postseason?

If the NFC West is good, it could end up making some history this year. With the NFL playoffs expanding in 2020, it will now be possible for a division to send ALL FOUR of its teams to the playoffs, and if any division can pull that off this year, it feels like the NFC West would be the most likely one to do it.

The key will be for the Cardinals to make some hay in their own division, as last season they won only a single game.

If each team can go .500 in the division (unlikely but possible) and then win between 7-9 games outside of the division you could see four teams with 10+ wins in one division.

While it may be a longshot, it does seem like the NFC West is the most likely and well equipped division in the NFL to do so.