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News and notes from the Seattle Seahawks

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Happy Sunday one and all.

We are on our way to the start of the 2020 NFL season, at least it looks like from the NFL’s perspective.

That includes the NFC West and we have all the news from those teams from the fine people over at Field Gulls on the Seattle Seahawks.

Why the Packers are the Seahawks’ biggest rival outside the NFC West - Field Gulls
Rivalry week continues here at SB Nation, and while it’s been easy to focus on Seattle Seahawks rivalries inside the NFC West, what about outside of it?

How Quandre Diggs and Tre Boston are reacting to NFL handling pandemic - Field Gulls
While the calendar says that training camp for NFL veterans is less than three weeks away, and even sooner for rookies, several players across the league have taken to social media recently to...

Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin, NFL players unsure about 2020 season - Field Gulls
The NFL continues to do their very best to avoid addressing how COVID-19 might affect the season. Minor adjustments to training camp and preseason games have happened, but even today teams are...

Wide receiver Routes Seahawks QB Russell Wilson targeted most in 2019 - Field Gulls
As fans continue to debate the impact analytics has had on the game of football, and whether that impact has been positive or negative, one thing analytics, and specifically the use of tracking...

Report: Seattle Seahawks have inquired about Jamal Adams for potential trade - Field Gulls
It’s not uncommon to see the Seattle Seahawks make a splash trade in the offseason (or during the preseason), and perhaps the 2020 season may be no exception.

Here’s what Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had to say about starting training camp - Field Gulls
With training camp scheduled to begin later this month, dialogue between the NFL and the NFLPA has become more frequent, as the two sides attempt to figure out a plan to return to team facilities.


How draft status shafted Seahawks RB Chris Carson in ESPN rankings - Field Gulls
In each of the last two seasons, Seattle Seahawks starting running back Chris Carson has given the team production far in excess of what one would normally anticipate from a seventh round draft...

Seahawks Tyler Lockett has a case for top-10 WR even if national pundits don’t think so - Field Gulls
Last week we highlighted a piece by ESPN of the NFL’s top-10 wide receivers. Tyler Lockett was notably not on it; not even an honorable mention.

Seattle Seahawks TE Greg Olsen signs as NFL analyst for Fox Sports - Field Gulls
Greg Olsen has his retirement plans all set up, for whenever his playing career comes to an end.

Andrew Marchand, a sports media columnist for the New York Post, reported on Monday that Olsen and...

Some of what the union is asking for on behalf of the playersas training camp quickly approaches - Field Gulls
It’s the midpoint of July, which traditionally means that NFL teams across the league are reporting for training camp, and fans are getting excited for meaningless preseason games that somewhat...

Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner tops ESPN list of best linebackers in positional top-10 rankings - Field Gulls
This week sees ESPN continue its unveiling of the top-10 players in the NFL by position, polling "more than 50 league executives, coaches, scouts and players." Last week featured offensive players,...

If you want a more pass-heavy Seahawks offense, Russell Wilson needs to get hit less - Field Gulls
Roughly ten years ago Russell Wilson was benched by Tom O’Brien for Mike Glennon. Eventually Wilson transferred to Wisconsin, excelled, and you know the rest. Wisconsin’s offensive coordinator at...

Three years since Malik McDowell, Seahawks still seeking d-line pass rush - Field Gulls
While questions remain regarding whether rookies for NFL teams across the league will report to training camp Tuesday as scheduled, some teams, such as the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City...