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Which opponents really 'Grind your Gears' in the NFC West

Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We talked a little bit at the beginning of the week that the Arizona Cardinals don’t have a true rival.

They have teams they compete with, but the division change along with a lack of competing to win the division has made it clear the Cardinals still don’t have a real rival.

However, they have division rivals and those rivals have players that you can’t stand.

That’s why I’m asking who are the villains on the other teams in the division for you? The guys that make you want to win and rub it in?

Here are the three since the move to the NFC West for me.

Los Angeles/St Louis Ram: Sam Bradford - This list will show that it’s not always about personality. For me, I struggled to understand the adoration and praise heaped on Bradford at Oklahoma and then when he was missing games in the NFL with the Rams. Combine that with the fact he burned the Cardinals and he just never sat right with me.

San Francisco 49ers: Joe Staley - My disdain for Staley is out of pure jealousy. A franchise left tackle for more than a decade who was a great guy and did it all the right way? And the Cardinals took Levi Freaking Brown.

Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll - I went back and forth. Richard Sherman being consistently favored over Patrick Peterson always bothered me and Sherman’s brashness because of how good he is can be annoying, but there’s nothing worse than watching Carroll chew his bubble gum like a teenager on the sidelines while the Seahawks go to the playoffs year after year. He’s the main villain in the entire NFC for me.

Who would be your three?

When the Cards were in the NFC East who were the guys you hated (The Cowboys is not an answer).