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Madden 21 ratings show that perception and reality for Arizona Cardinals still not the same

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

It is just a video game. That is all it is, but it is a yearly cultural phenomenon and the Madden franchise is the only NFL game on the market and it brings out the debates.

Fans and players alike are reacting to the Madden 21 player grades, the initial list of grades drew the ire of many.


Well when you look at the grades they are relatively low compared to others and players like Josh Jones had thoughts.

Budda Baker was one of the players many had issues with and Budda took his in stride.

Fans of the Cardinals had thoughts as well.

There seems to be disconnect between fans and whatever you would call the EA Sports crew that comes up with ratings.

Not shocking, but the reality is that as much as fans and the players think highly of the Arizona Cardinals, they are a team that has won eight games over the last two seasons.

They have extremely highly ranked players in Chandler Jones, DeAndre Hopkins and Patrick Peterson, all ranked in the top ten of their respective positions.

Was Kyler Murray slighted? Absolutely, he is better than Baker Mayfield, Derek Carr and Ryan Tannehill. He has a higher upside than Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garappolo. Yet, he’s going into year two and he is rated higher than any year two or younger QB in the NFL.

The Cardinals as a whole may have talent, but if they want respect they better start winning football games, then recognition as a whole will begin to take shape.