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NFL proposes one game preseason to NFLPA

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Things are a bit different this year if you haven’t noticed.

The NFL is trying to move forward with their season, but as things are getting closer, players are beginning to voice their concerns over the steps put in place.

One thing you can say about the NFL at least is they are listening.

It was reported today that the NFL has come back to the NFLPA’s request of no preseason games with a counter offer of a single preseason game.

That would be cut down from the two games already scheduled, and mean that NFL teams would play just once in the preseason.

It’s an olive branch from the NFL which is actually impressive considering many sports leagues are offering little or no concessions to players.

The proposed one game preseason would take place in what would have been week three, for the Arizona Cardinals that would be their trip to Las Vegas to take on the Raiders.

It would give the players nearly three weeks of workouts to get acclimated to the new way of doing things, but you can see why there still may be concerns.

We’ll see where this proposal goes, but at least we are seeing healthy dialogue from both sides at this point.