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Arizona Cardinals ESPN’s NFL Future Power Rankings come in low

Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are building the right way, at least we like to believe so. However, despite the presence of Kyler Murray, the projections for the future are still a bit dim according to ESPN.

They released their yearly ESPN’s NFL Future Power Rankings and the Cardinals came in at 22nd.

It is simply the roster construction and front office that leads to the low belief. Add in a young coach in Kliff Kingsbury that has not been great with overall record.

Really, the only positive thing when it comes to the future right now is Kyler Murray:

Why they’re here: The Cardinals are a team with the chance to outperform this ranking due to the projected brilliance of quarterback Kyler Murray. But expectations are a bit more tepid than his scintillating rookie season would suggest for the franchise simply because the roster remains a work in progress around him (offensive line and secondary), plus the Cardinals play in what should be regarded as the best division in football. — Yates

Biggest worry: The stability and consistency of the front office is what will determine whether this franchise can maintain what appears to be positive momentum heading into the future. For every Kyler Murray “hit” in the draft, there cannot be a Josh Rosen ”debacle.” Until that is the case, the Cardinals will be treading water in the bottom half of the overall rankings. — Riddick

There is not much belief in Steve Keim still and the 2019 and 2020 drafts will have to advance quickly for pundits to start to buy-in.

The Cardinals are also the lowest in the NFC West, as the rest of the teams are ranked:

3. San Francisco 49ers
8. Seattle Seahawks
18. Los Angeles Rams

I am surprised to see the Cardinals low, but that low within the division tells you that people are still not buying in.

What do you think?