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What does the proposed 2021 salary floor mean for the Arizona Cardinals?

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the way the 2020 season is going, or not going yet the questions about 2021 are beginning to creep in.

That may be something that we have a resolution on soon as it is being reported that the NFL has proposed a salary floor for 2021.

That means no matter what happens this year economically, that in 2021 the salary cap will be at least $175 million. If the financial hardship for teams is less than we could see that raise and potentially get back to the 2020 salary cap level of $198.2 million.

Of course if the expected losses occur, it would mean that cap would land closer to the $175 being offered, which begs some questions on key players for the Arizona Cardinals.

Players going into the last year of their deals like Patrick Peterson and Kenyan Drake would likely be out, but what about someone like Larry Fitzgerald?

Would another $11 million salary really be something the Cardinals could afford with $23 million less in cap space?

Would you move on from a player like Justin Pugh to fit Fitz in, or would bringing in players at more need positions take precedence?

It is an interesting question, one that won’t be answered for a year, but also something to keep an eye on as we get a little bit closer to the NFL season starting.