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Seahawks pay steep price for Jamal Adams acquisition

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

With the announcement of the Seattle Seahawks trading for All Pro safety Jamal Adams, it is interesting to go back to earlier this offseason.

When the Arizona Cardinals traded for DeAndre Hopkins they gave up a 2020 2nd round pick, David Johnson and a 2021 fourth round pick.

The Seattle Seahawks gave up much, much more for the younger Adams:

I love Jamal Adams, he is a fantastic player and a dynamic force in the NFL.

However, two first round picks is a huge price to pay for any player that is not a quarterback.

The Chiefs gave up the 27th pick and a third rounder in 2017 and the 22nd pick in 2018 for the ability to draft Patrick Mahomes.

The Jets are getting more for Adams.

I get the idea of a proven commodity in Adams over the unknown of Mahomes, but this is just a lot of assets for Adams.

Look at the Cardinals getting Hopkins (28) though. Hopkins is a three time All Pro and has been a model of consistency for his career, with only two years of less than 1,000 yards receiving.

The Cardinals basically got that type of player for what amounts to a ham sandwich.

The Seahawks are going all in by trading for the soon to be 25-year old safety in likely a last run (5 years?) for Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.

I guess that’s the price you pay.