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Are you opting out or playing in 2020?

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

With the NFL getting closer and closer to the opt out date coming up, players have to make a decision on their future.

They can opt out of playing in 2020, which means that their contracts will toll to the 2021 season or they can move forward and play.

Those that opt out will have contracts advances of $150,000 for those without pre-existing conditions and $350,000 for those who have a pre-existing condition that makes them at higher risk that will come out of their contract for 2020 and the rest of the contract is pushed to 2021.

That begs the question... If you were an NFL player, what would you do?

I know asking these questions opens the door for discussion outside of the grounds of the NFL, but let’s keep it to sports and using what we know from the MLB, NHL and NBA to discuss this.

I would play unless I was in a specific spot:

  1. Financially stable
  2. Had won a ring before
  3. Stable organization
  4. Age wasn’t a factor (last season)
  5. Not in a contract year

Three would probably be the easiest to not follow, but as someone that has been injured playing football I understand that every snap could be my last and would want to play as much as I could to accomplish the top two.

For instance, if I am Christian Kirk I need a big season to make one happen, and know that my success will go a long way in working towards two and three happening.

I said on the podcast the other day, if DeAndre Hopkins had not been traded I think he would be the type that would make sense. He checks all the boxes except the ring.

That means, I am playing in 2020. I’ll quarantine from my family and focus on this year and season.

What would you do?