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Happy Fourth of July from Revenge of the Birds

Annual Macy’s 4th Of July Fireworks In NYC Spread Out Over Six Nights Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Happy Fourth of July one and all.

In one of the oddest years in recent memory, or maybe your entire life we head into one of the most important dates in this countries history.

While we are in the midst of angst, a pandemic and trying to figure out where we are headed, we still have one thing… each other.

For this Fourth, I hope that all of us as Arizona Cardinals fans can remember that part of their history is that we are all fans of the same football team.

While we are all different in a number of ways, our unity comes from the fact that every year, we torture ourselves to try and watch the Arizona Cardinals play professional football.

There’s been few years in the 30+ in the valley where that’s been a fun experience.

Yet, we are still here, on an Arizona Cardinal board.

In a time where we are just waiting to find out if there will be an NFL season, we can get excited watching DeAndre Hopkins or Kyler Murray’s hype videos from their illegal workouts.

We can enjoy the knowledge that one of the most innovative and intelligent offensive minds in all of football is at the head of what we hope is a revolution for this franchise.

Not a short-term one, but one that will last the test of time.

It’s Fourth of July, enjoy it and celebrate it.

Happy Fourth of July, Birdgang.