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News and notes from the Los Angeles Rams

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Happy Monday one and all. The Arizona Cardinals and the rest of the NFL are quiet, but we still have plenty to talk about.

We can start our look around the NFC West with the Los Angeles Rams and Turf Show Times.

Rams position battles: Which tight end comes first? - Turf Show Times
LA’s duo has worked well together for three years, but they didn’t "go off" until one of them went down

Was Aaron Donald the NFL’s best player of the 2010s? - Turf Show Times
He may not have any competition outside of the quarterbacks

Rams News: OLB Terrell Lewis named “surprise starter” by B/R - Turf Show Times
Your source for Rams and NFL news from around the web.

‘‘99 Rams: The Story of Steve Stenstrom’s Start Against St. Louis - Turf Show Times
It was the worst of times, it was the worst

Rams Schedule: Cam Newton signs with Patriots, who are coming to LA - Turf Show Times
How much magic can Bill Belichick pull out of a quarterback?

Rams 2020 season predictions: Most have LA as “fine” or “flop” - Turf Show Times
If all goes wrong, there won’t be a draft reward at the end

Cam Newton news: What should Rams do at backup quarterback now? - Turf Show Times
Blake Bortles and Colin Kaepernick are among available backups for Rams, who don’t have veteran presence behind Jared Goff

1999 Rams midseason awards: Kurt Warner as MVP - Turf Show Times
How do Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, and Isaac Bruce stack up against the rest of the league that year?

Rams’ Aaron Donald is No. 1 PFF NFL player rankings - Turf Show Times
Analytics-based website believes DT is league’s most important player

Who are the top 10 most important players to the Rams defense? - Turf Show Times
We don’t have to argue about number one.

Rams: Ranking the top-8 players on defense, starting with Aaron Donald - Turf Show Times
You voted!

LA Rams news: SoFi Stadium’s stunning new videoboard is ready - Turf Show Times
The Rams’ now boast the largest videoboard in sports

Who are the Rams top-10 players on offense? - Turf Show Times
This one could be trickier than the defense

Rams Breakout Players: Who will be the “surprise” star on defense? - Turf Show Times
Which player on the defense do you think will have the most surprising breakout next season?

Rams 2020: The 10 most important players to their offense - Turf Show Times
We need to round out the list