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Njoku is a fit, but would it be the right move for the Arizona Cardinals?

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

With the word coming out that tight end David Njoku has requested a trade from the Cleveland Browns, the question of where he fits best has been asked quite a bit.

Fit is not necessarily the right question, but instead is what Njoku would bring to Arizona worth the price that it would cost?

Expectation is that it would not cost much, a day three conditional pick for the not-quite-24 year old Njoku.

However, the Cardinals have recently invested heavily in the receiving corps in acquiring DeAndre Hopkins.

They have lingering questions on their 2019 wide receiver picks in Andy Isabella and Hakeem Butler, but Hopkins addressed the one position they had a question on in 2020, an alpha at wide receiver.

Njoku is an elite athlete at the tight end position, but his production in his first three seasons has been limited.

As a rookie Njoku had 32 catches for 386 yards and four touchdowns. That’s a nice first season and his second produced nearly a double of that with 56 catches 639 yards and four touchdowns.

Injuries plagued his third season and the Browns have been accumulating talent since, including the pickup of tight end Austin Hooper.

While the Cardinals are not quite as diverse on paper as the Browns, would Njoku relish being a tier three or four option in Arizona? Or is he looking for more shine and a chance to break out, seeing as though he is in the last year of his rookie contract?