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Arizona Cardinals 2020 cap hits: Kenyan Drake gets the chance to prove his worth

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When you look at the 2020 Arizona Cardinals you’ll see something we haven’t seen in a while.

Contracts that make sense.

There’s no Terrell Suggs, no Sam Bradford, no Michael Crabtree (at least at this point).

Yet, the contracts are not all good.

Yesterday we started by looking at the fifth worst contract of the Cardinals, Haason Reddick’s rookie contract where he’s making under $5 million a season.

As an aside, only players on the roster count, so no dead money contracts and we are looking at their 2020 cap hits as given to us by Spotrac.

4. Kenyan Drake - 2020 Cap Hit: $8,483,000

Again, that’s not bad. Only seven players have a higher cap hit in 2020 than Drake and he is the seventh biggest cap hit of any running back in 2020.

That’s why you look at the 2020 contract and raise an eyebrow. It isn’t the short-term that is bad, it is just interesting that Drake is being paid like so many high production running backs.

Look at the top ten list:

  1. Christian McCaffrey (All Pro, Pro Bowl)
  2. Ezekiel Elliot (All Pro, 3x Pro Bowl)
  3. David Johnson (All Pro, Pro Bowl)
  4. Le’Veon Bell (2x All Pro, 3x Pro Bowl)
  5. Derrick Henry (Pro Bowl)
  6. Saquon Barkley (AP Rookie of the Year, Pro Bowl)

That’s why the Drake cap hit will be looked at oddly until he produces like a top running back over 16 games.

He’ll have his chance this season.