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Check out these official New Era Arizona Cardinals face coverings

These are the official New Era face coverings for the Arizona Cardinals.

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We live in strange times and right now and that includes whether or not we will even have the NFL in our life.

If we do though, you should be sporting your Arizona Cardinals gear.

Unfortunately that means we will still be wearing masks, and you can now make Arizona Cardinals facemasks part of your game day gear.

If you are going to be wearing a facemask, may as well do so while supporting the squad. Sure a Sunday facemask may seem a little excessive, but it's not like we have much else to do right now. And if they ever let fans back in, you'll likely need a mask, right?

We are obviously hopeful that this is over soon, but until then get your Arizona Cardinals facemask from New Era.

Check out the masks and let us know what you think of the New Era Arizona Cardinals masks.

NOTE: This is a special event item. Orders containing this product will be shipped separately. This item will ship no later than Thursday, October 8th.