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Training camp day one news and notes for the Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Things are a bit different, but we have to adjust.

Here is some of the news and notes from day one of Arizona Cardinals training camp 2020.

No fans, limited press, but we are back to football.

NFL continues to be out in front of Covid, keeping daily testing going, trying to keep things as on track as possible. NBA and NHL have had success thus far.

Kliff Kingsbury understands that his offensive improvement in 2019 was good, and the defensive improvement will be key to him getting to continue to build on that.

Kyler Murray may not be the extrovert, outspoken leader type, but he has shown that he understands the role and how to be a leader for the Arizona Cardinals.

Just boys having fun.

That was mostly it on day one. Not much going on with the non-padded, Covid-19 practice, but they are back to work. We’ll have more as the training camp trudges along, hopefully with more information coming out.