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Training camp day two news and notes for the Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the Arizona Cardinals back in the swing of things, we will get a little more information as the Cardinals open things up, but for now you will see a small look each and every day from the media that they allow us to see.

I talked about it a little yesterday, but Kyler Murray is just a different animal. He wants to be win and be great and understands that everything else you would seek in terms of compensation, popularity and recognition will come with that.

No fans is definitely going to make the subterfuge of the game a bit more interesting to follow.

Steve Keim nailed his first round pick and may have gotten a steal in the fifth round.

One of the best people to ever play in sports.

This was something we talked about quite a bit in the lead up to the draft before the DeAndre Hopkins trade. The need to have someone who demands respect on the single side of the trips, who then frees up other players.

We will be back tomorrow with more Cards Camp 2020.