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An update on Coral

Things are only a week in for Revenge of the Birds and the new commenting system so I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up on what’s going on.

From SB Nation

  • We’ve updated fonts and colors to make things easier to read. We’ve continued to improve the styling of the text, colors, and layout
  • You can now automatically show all GIFs/Tweets/YouTube videos. You can do this via the My Profile tab at the top of the comments, and going to Preferences
  • We’ve made “Read more of this conversation” open in a new tab. We know that doesn’t fix the problem completely – this is an intermediate step to let you keep your place in the conversation, while we build a better long-term solution
  • We’ve moved the cursor to the comment box automatically when you hit Reply

Here’s what else we’re going to address, which will take us a little more time

  • Improvements to the reading experience, including the ability to read nested discussions without losing your place, and to identify new comments quickly
  • Improvements for embedding and display of third-party images

As always, they want your feedback, but please know that this is something that is fluid. That the Coral team is working hard and that constructive criticism is wanted, but it doesn’t need to be in internet troll form.

Thanks to the Revenge of the Birds family for continuing to be supportive and passionate.