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DeAndre Hopkins misses Sunday practice with minor hamstring issue

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a weird and mostly bad offseason in 2020.

So, even though it seems like nothing, the fact that DeAndre Hopkins missed practice on Sunday is still “news”.

Later it came out, a tight left hamstring was the culprit and the Cardinals are justifiably being cautious.

However, in a year like this where nothing is as it seems, the Cardinals and Hopkins taking everything as cautious as possible makes sense.

While Hopkins needs reps with Kyler Murray and in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense, he also needs to be healthy and feel comfortable.

He needs to feel like he has the ability to express not feeling right and working out separately in the beginning stages of training camp, because he’s been someone that doesn’t miss games.

He also is in the long-term plans of Kyler and Kliff, so what happens right now won’t matter as much as what happens in a couple of seasons.

It’s good that the hamstring concern was minor, and we will continue to follow it up.

For now, it’s nothing to be concerned with.