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Arizona Cardinals ceiling is the playoffs, floor is no improvement in 2020

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals, the additions from this offseason weigh heavy. If the Cardinals are going to take the next step they will need those players to all fit in and immediately contribute.

That is why when ESPN wrote about the floor and ceiling for each NFL team, their look at the Cardinals was a bit interesting.

Arizona Cardinals

Ceiling: 10-6 | Floor: 5-11

I was curious about the 5-11 number. While I can see with injuries or a complete regression from Kyler Murray that as a potential to happen, that was not what they said:

Biggest variable: Chemistry on the offense. Add DeAndre Hopkins to any offense and the win total will naturally increase. Now add him to an offense that features the reigning Rookie of the Year in quarterback Kyler Murray, a future first-ballot Hall of Famer in Larry Fitzgerald and a dynamic running back in Kenyan Drake, and that win total could easily double from five last year to 10 this year. But what will help the Cardinals double their wins is how well Murray can distribute the ball. There are a lot of talented hands on that team and only one ball. If Murray can get all his playmakers their fair share of touches and touchdowns and keep the peace, then the Cardinals’ offense will not only thrive, it’ll explode. — Josh Weinfuss

Murray not being able to distribute the ball seems like a problem that will not ever really be an issue, but maybe I am missing something.

The Cardinals only have two legitimate NFL players who have made yearly contributions in DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz is on his last leg and Hopkins is great and will get his touches.

Christian Kirk looks like he has some talent, but he has to prove it over 16 games, something he has never done.

Kenyan Drake had a phenomenal half season, but like Kirk he needs to show it over 16 games.

Falling back on Hopkins and Fitz will be what happens if the others don’t produce, which means that the ball not being spread around is happening for a reason.

If the ball is being spread around then it’ll be because this team is succeeding.

I am not sure that would be the downfall of this team.