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Big Run for Eno

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Here are some of the players I believe I saw on the offense:

QB Chris Streveler

RB Eno Benjamin

WR Andy Isabella

WR Hakeem Butler

LT Joshua Miles

LG Max Garcia

C Lamont Gaillard

RG Koda Martin

RT Justin Murray

Play Call: Shotgun Fake Pass Right, RB Draw to Eno Left

Key Block: LT Joshua Miles down-blocks on WILB Isaiah Simmons (Simmons is stuck in mud and doesn’t fight through it—-so typical of recent Cardinals’ WILBs).

Eno Benjamin busts loose up a wide open C gap and is off to the races. (not sure why the edge player isn’t doing his job on the play)

Tackle is made at the 5 yard line by FS Zane Lewis (interesting they have him playing FS and while Lewis didn’t storm the alley like Budda Baker would, he at least didn’t overcommit and grab grass—-instead he funnels Eno to his left and takes a good pursuit angle to track Eno down.

Christ Streveler did a good job disguising the play.

Eno did a great job hitting the whole with a burst.

Lewis was at least able to track him down.

The two things Eno could and should have done at the end of the play—-(1) tuck the ball away in his left arm; so that then he could (2) stiff-arm the tackler with his right arm to give himself a better chance to score the TD.

That’s what popped out to me.

What did you see?

What do you think?

Thank you Mason Kern for the video.