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Jacksonville Jaguars waive former fourth overall pick Leonard Fournette

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When you want to let your fans know you are in a rebuild, you follow the path that the Jacksonville Jaguars are taking.

A day after trading Yannick Ngakoue for a second and fifth round pick to the Minnesota Vikings, the Jaguars announced that they are waiving their fourth overall pick from the 2017 NFL Draft, Leonard Fournette.

Fournette had a nice career in Jacksonville, but he never lived up to the draft slot and the Jags passed on some guys named Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson for Fournette.

That begs the question... No not should the Cardinals look into Fournette, would you be worried if a team like the 49ers or Rams signed Fournette?

I am not sure he would be a need for the 49ers, especially with their rash of injuries at the wide receiver position, but he would be a more physical back in an offense that is fantastic running the football.

LA is an interesting one to think about, because they have a rookie in Cam Akers who looks poised to get the bulk of the work, but Fournette may allow the team to work Akers in a bit slower as a rookie.

I didn’t bring up the Seahawks because they have a ton invested in the running back position already, so that is probably where he’ll end up.

It’ll be interesting to see where Fournette lands, but it’ll be even more interesting to see what the hell the Jaguars are doing.