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Fans still expect touchdown celebrations to continue in the NFL

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NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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With the concern of Covid-19 and whether there will even be a season, we wanted to see what fans expectations are for the season if it occurs.

This weeks SB Nation Reacts asked NFL fans two questions with regards to gamedays during the current pandemic.

The first question was simply, what gameday elemnt should continue in 2020.

Not surprising to see that fans prefer to get something still, but I am surprised to see so many interested in halftime shows.

Tailgates feel like they will continue, maybe not at the stadiums for a while, but that they’ll be back.

The second question is do you expect touchdown celebrations to continue?

While celebrations are a choreographed now, they also occur in the pure reaction of the game, so this is not surprising.

I mean, look at the NBA:

You're still going to celebrate with your team.

What do you expect?